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Language with Yoli offers lessons that help students learn Spanish in a fun & easy way. Our teachers are native speakers and certified educators. 

We teach students of different ages, degrees, and cultural backgrounds with the goal of learning this language to use in everyday life. 

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Lessons to help advance and expand Spanish communication skills both when listening and speaking.

Through our private 1-on-1 tutoring, you will learn Spanish quickly and more efficiently, and in a way that best suits your needs.


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      I am Yoli Terrazas. 

Born in Acapulco, Mexico, I am the mother of three wonderful boys. In Mexico, I became elementary school teacher and Mexican folklore dance teacher. Currently, I reside in New York where I share the language and culture of beautiful Latin America. 

I created Language with Yoli (online lessons) as I was looking for the best possible way to keep my kids safe and entertained during the pandemic. I am happy to say that this has been a wonderful journey! Although my students come from diverse backgrounds, I am proud to share my culture and language with the children, youth, and adults of all ages who enroll in my classes. 

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1-on-1 Lesson for 1 Hour 

Available 24/7 Virtually for all levels of Spanish including middle and high school students. 

Fun and Interactive

With students from the USA and 40+ countries from ages 3 to 90, our tutors can keep all people engaged and learning.


First Day of Teaching

Yoli’s mother used to bring children that needed extra help at school back to their home to give tutoring. At 9 years old, her mother fell ill so Yoli went to her elementary school and started to help teach! Since then, Yoli has a passion for sharing her culture and language with the world. 


Elementary Teacher

Following in the footsteps of her grandmother, mother, and sister, Yoli became an elementary school teacher in Mexico for an entire decade.


Year Founded

Language with Yoli is an online language school offering private and group lessons to children and adults in real time with a native teacher. 

Created during the pandemic as a way to keep her kids safe and entertained, Language with Yoli is a fun & easy way to learn a new language!

Every student has different skills, goals, and styles of learning with lessons tailored to academic needs.

Language with Yoli is a personalized online language learning platform that offers 1-on-1 private online Spanish lessons for middle and high school students, as well as Spanish lessons designed and taught by qualified native Spanish teachers. The program features flexible scheduling, personalized lesson plans, unique teaching methods, and a 100% guarantee of improved language skills.


Celebrating 3 years

Language with Yoli has grown to 200+ students that have achieved and even surpassing their language goals. 

Maureen Peraza
Maureen Peraza
If, like me, you’ve tried learning Spanish and were not successful, I urge you to take classes with Language by Yoli. Yoli is very patient and plans lessons to meet her students’ needs, not just to cover the curriculum. You will learn the language and, more importantly, have fun doing it!
Sylvia Birnbaum
Sylvia Birnbaum
I have been taking Spanish classes with Yoli for 8 months now. She is a very fun yet structured teacher that repeats herself until she knows you understand the topic she has been teaching you. I appreciate her patience with me considering I live a busy life but am very determined to learn Spanish. Yoli makes sure to repeat past topics that she has taught me such as grammar and vocabulary every class. At this point I am able to put together short sentences verbally and understand basic conversation. I always look forward to my Spanish class with Yoli and I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to learn Spanish.
onika barros
onika barros
I am really happy that I found Language Classes with Yoli, my daughter has been wanting to take Spanish lessons for some time now, but the delay was that it was really hard to find a teacher that was compatible and had a schedule that worked for us. I like that Yoli gives trial sessions; it helped us see her style of teaching and how she interacts with my daughter. She is very organized and always on time for our Zoom lessons. We are on our second session with Yoli, and because of her, my daughter has an A+ in her 7th-grade Spanish class. I can’t wait to sign my second daughter up with her. I really encourage you, if you’re looking for a Spanish teacher, please contact Yoli for her service, she is kind, patient, attentive, and passionate.
Ilia Calluzzo
Ilia Calluzzo
Yoli is a fantastic spanish teacher to our daughters ages 9 & 7. She is skilled, enthusiastic, and always coming up with creative ways to keep them engaged. We notice the continuous improvement in their spanish, including comprehension, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Yoli is responsible, punctual, responsive, and also just so kind and sweet! Our daughters look forward to their class every week. Highly recommend.
Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers
Language with Yoli is clearly the best language learning program around. I’ve been taking Spanish with Yoli for about a year. She does an outstanding job of identifying your language learning requirements and designs a program to meet those needs. I often find myself learning a new skill in the morning and utilizing that skill in “real life” in the afternoon. If you are looking for a quality language program….look no further. Language with Yoli is the clear choice.
Calvin Gabriel
Calvin Gabriel
Considering the experience I had with Maestra Yoli, I would definitely recommend taking her class to other students. She helped me get back on track with my Spanish and has a fantastic sense of humor that helps make her lessons more engaging.
Evan Elkowitz
Evan Elkowitz
Yoli is my INCREDIBLE Spanish teacher. She customizes my lessons to make them fun and interesting for me. I look forward to our zoom lessons and I feel more confident now when I’m with my Spanish speaking friends.
Alejandra Castano
Alejandra Castano
My daughter has been taking online Spanish classes with Yoli for almost a year! I’ve seen her growth in both her conversational Spanish and in her reading. Yoli’s approach for teaching is entertaining and very didactic! My daughter loves her weekly classes with Yoli, and she now has become more fluent and way less shy to speak her mother’s native language! I highly recommend!!
Kris Luis
Kris Luis
Yoli is the best! I’ve been taking Spanish lessons with her for over 2 years now and my Spanish continues to improve with every lesson. She’s helped me get to the point that we only speak Spanish for our entire lesson! I finally feel confident enough to have conversations with native Spanish speakers. I strongly recommend lessons with her or one of her other highly capable teachers!
Melanie Carminati
Melanie Carminati
Outstanding language education! Not only am I reviewing the Spanish I knew from the past, but Mar is tailoring my lessons to my flamenco interests! Mar makes it fun and is particularly helpful for those wanting to learn the Andalusian dialect!! I am having so much fun and feel very confident in her skills and look forward to learning more and professing my Spanish speaking skills! Language for Yoli is the best and can pair you with the perfect teacher for your needs!

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